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1.1 Million Raised for not-for-profits around Australia, what’s behind CharityBid and where to next

MELBOURNE, 7 DECEMBER 2017 – CharityBid – a Melbourne-based online auction site – originally established to support sports clubs – has raised over 1.1 Million Dollars for charities across Australia.

“When we first started Charity Bid, we were driven to provide a platform that could promote not-for-profit organisations to a wider audience and generate additional revenue from beyond your most passionate supporters. Which we achieved by generating bids from all over Australia”, says Archie Whiting, Managing Director of Oxil Software Services.

CharityBid’s success was largely thanks to the way it integrated communities of supporters, sporting clubs and charities. “We were able to automate and digitise the fundraising process through online auctions in a way that suited charities best and put them as primary beneficiaries”, says Dusan Simic, Head of Strategy.

However, throughout the process of facilitating and attending auctions across Australia over the last 4 years, it has lead to a realisation that technology can do much more for Australia’s non-for-profits. “People give to people. Auctions aren’t enough to provide charities the cash they need. We took their challenges very seriously”, Archie adds.

Oxil Software Services has invested over 2 years in research and development to create much needed solutions that can take charities to the next level. The freshly launched Oxil Supporter aims to assist charity organisations through its easy to use dashboard, collecting live donation data and marketing results, in a matter of clicks. As it rolls CRM, CMS, Email, Web Design, Peer-to-peer fundraising and Accounting functionalities into one platform.

“Charities already use a variety of software to help them manage their fundraising, but they often have to use a multitude of platforms – one for each purpose – and that creates a lot of overhead in physically moving and migrating data. What makes the Supporter so powerful is the ability to consolidate data in one place, and that enables further automation and digitisation of the day-to-day operational process”, adds Dusan.

Oxil Supporter features include:

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop CMS for efficient handling of Digital Content;
  • Smart CRM system to accurately capture and maintain user information;
  • Integrated Email Marketing system to easily communicate and engage with your community
  • Branded peer-to-peer fundraising enabling users to create profile pages to help raise awareness and funds;
  • Event and ticketing system to quickly and easily organise events and process ticket sales;

Plus a host of tools to increase operational efficiency, attract more customers and start taking payments in minutes.

Sign up for the free 7-day trial and see why brands such as This is Beard Season, Food For Thought, Southern Grampians Adult Education, Western District Health Services, have signed up and never looked back.

For the free registration, visit: https://oxil.io/nfp