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Healthy app to challenge obesity

THE latest research by Deakin University from the Southern Grampians Shire are either overweight or obese.
Hamilton’s four secondary school principals, along with Casterton Secondary College and Heywood High School, are banding together to put out a clear message that ‘enough is enough’.

Concerned about the subsequent impact of chronic disease affecting children’s later lives, secondary schools will unite for the cause.
Dr Andrew Hirst The Hamilton and Alexandra College principal, said the health of children in the greater Hamilton community was at risk.
“Sugar is the new tobacco,” Dr Hirst said.
“The experts are telling us that this could be the than generations before.”
Dr Hirst said there was hope, however.
“Thanks to the initiative of the Hamilton District Skills Centre, the local principals have solicited the help of former THAC student Archie Whiting, now managing director of Oxil – technology experts specialising in community engagement programs,” Dr Hirst said.

“Together, we are developing a wellbeing app called ‘The Challenger’ that can help children learn a healthier choice.”
The app aims to measure students’ nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing in an engaging and enjoyable approach.
On Tuesday, students from THAC, Monivae and Good Shepherd colleges trialled the app for the first time.
The app will be rolled out to all students in years seven to 10 next term, to celebrate spring and new growth.

‘The Greater Hamilton Challenge’ is a united attempt by schools to generate awareness around the importance of adolescent wellbeing.
The challenge compliments other community initiatives like GenR8change, in a universal concerning incidence of overweight youth.