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OFFICIAL APP LAUNCH: Oxil development team has launched our latest product called Oxil Challenger. 

The Greater Hamilton Challenge involves 6 regional schools and 1000 students to tackle this alarming issue. 

The overwhelming research out of Deakin University and GenR8Change suggests up to 50% of primary aged children are overweight or obese. Twenty to thirty years ago we never saw the same issues.  The 2015 Deakin report suggested across five shires of Great South Coast, including Southern Grampian Shire, 37% of boys and 38% of girls in grade 6 were overweight or obese.

Challenger is an app for logging and tracking nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. Its proven to be highly engaging thanks to the use of modern technologies such as:

- Gesture based surveying (swiping for fast logging)

- Machine learning (spotting habits and patterns)

- Intuitive & suggestive algorithms

- Instant feedback (about food group breakdowns, sugar and water intake levels)

 Our overall aim is to improve the health and wellness of adolescent children across all regions. Visit oxil.io for more